Anita’s Organic Animal Feed is located near Prescott, Arizona. We are a family-owned and operated local business, providing organic feeds for all sorts of animals including chickens, sheep, goats, cattle, horses, and pets. We started this due to a lack of availability in our area to get good, and ethical feed for our animals. We think that by doing this we help take small steps to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and ultimately a healthier world.

  • Black Copper Marans Hen in our lavender field
  • No GMOs for us Thank You!
  • Happy Chickens
  • Navajo Churro Lamb - Fred

Industrial agriculture has taken over the world, taking its toll on biodiversity, the world’s resources and mostly our HEALTH.  Most packaged goods we consume, as well as 90% of “conventional” animal feed contain large amounts of GMOs and toxic residues. Ultimately all this ‘stuff’ ends up on our plate!

Our animals are solely dependent on us for their sustenance and the only way to avoid consuming GMOs is by eating organically grown food. Either by growing it yourself from certified seeds or known origin, or by purchasing certified organics.