Animal Welfare Approved

We do not have a storefront, and therefore carry a limited inventory. We generally get our clients on a schedule and order monthly or bi-monthly depending on demand. Prices of grains and feed change all the time – We try to offer all products to you at the best prices possible. To receive a link to the latest products and pricing send an e-mail to Anita at .

The advantage of feeding 100% organic, quality feed is that your animals will eat it all; not waste anything; look terrific, have better health; have better nutrition. You will feed less with better results. You have the peace of mind that your eggs or dairy will not contain genetically modified substances and toxins.

Beware of organic labeled brands that are not 100% organic or come from a mill that does ‘conventional’ mixes too and do not list all the ingredients – which often means you are dealing with ‘green-washing’ companies (i.e. those who want to sell you something with the organic product mark-up without delivering a truly organic product).

Deliveries are by appointment only – we have several drop-off locations in Prescott.

Quote by Jane Goodall

chicken“If you spend just a few minutes each day thinking about the choices you make; What you buy, what you eat, what you wear, how it was made, if it harmed the environment, if it hurt animals, if it was socially unjust? That would cause you to make small changes. If millions of people make small changes, we start to influence the companies that are making unethical products.”.